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Transcripts / Records of Study

Academic transcripts are records of your academic qualifications, usually including a list of course titles, credit hours, grades and an explanation of grades. If your university does not issue official transcripts, prepare a list of all lectures, seminars, courses etc. you attended (listed for each semester) and attach confirmations of your participation in the courses, signed either by the supervisor of the respective course, or by an official of your university (for example the dean's or registrar's office).

Certified versus Regular Copies

  • Certified copies are xeroxed copies of your original documents bearing an original signature and stamp and/or seal which indicates that the copy is identical to the original document. This certified document is issued attached to a xeroxed copy of the original document. Certified copies can be issued, for example, by the dean's or registrar's office of your university, the German Embassy, a branch of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or Goethe Institute, or a public notary.
  • Regular copies are xeroxed copies of your original documents without additional certification that the copy is identical with the original document. Regular copies are acceptable for the first phase of application evaluation. Applicants who have qualified for a personal interview (based on the evaluation of the application and the results of the written subject test organized by the program) may be asked for certification of relevant documents before admission to the program is granted.

Diploma issued after the deadline

In case you will receive a higher diploma after the application deadline, you should submit the certification of your latest degree and a copy of your latest transcript. If you have not obtained a degree yet, please indicate the date when you expect it to be issued. If your college/university does not award a Bachelor's degree for a particular course of study, a minimum of six semesters of academic education is required. In this case you may apply at the coordination office for accepting your education as the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree.

Candidates who have been accepted to the program must submit their degrees (or a transcript indicating that the Bachelor's degree has been conferred) before the start of courses in October. Otherwise, enrolment at the University of Munich will not be possible.

German Classes

Should students wish to partake in intensive German language courses, please see the information provided by Deutschkurse für Ausländer at DKFA.