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Entry Requirements

NCP program eligibility:

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree, or equivalent, in psychology, biology, medicine, or a closely related subject area. Also eligible to apply are students in the final year of their Bachelor, or equivalent, degree courses, provided that the degree will be conferred prior to the enrolment date within the Neuro-Cognitive Psychology program in the winter semester (October).

German applicants who do not hold a Bachelor degree must have successfully completed the "Vordiplom" or "Physikum" examinations in one of the subjects specified above, and have completed two semesters of advanced-level courses ("Hauptstudium") by the date of enrolment in the Neuro-Cognitive Psychology program.

Language requirements:

A proof of English proficiency of at least B2 level is necessary according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). No such proof is required if the degree qualifying for NCP was fully taught in English, if the university entrance qualifications were fully taught in English, or if the degree-holder’s native tongue is English.

A proof of German proficiency is necessary of at least A1 level according to the CEFR. Students can take German language courses throughout the first year of their studies to reach the required level of A1. If such a proof is missing at the time of the application, it has to be handed in at the latest one year after the start of the studies in the NCP master program. No such proof is needed if the degree qualifying for NCP was fully taught in German or if the university entrance qualifications were fully taught in German. 

The following Wikipedia page provides an example of a correspondence table between the levels of the CEFR and different certificates, such as iTEP, TOEFL, IELTS:

There might be further certificates, which are not listed. In individual cases, where a proof of language proficiency does not correspond to a level of the CEFR, this proof will be evaluated by the NCP Admissions Committee. Only certificates or other proofs of English proficiency submitted via the application tool can be accepted. 

Documents required for application:

1. Completed online application form. The application platform will be open from December 1st to February 15th (12 o’clock noon CET). You may save changes to your application before submitting and you will need to have the following documents prepared for upload:

  • CV (max. 2 pages)
  • Official transcripts / record of study
  • Diplomas
  • Letter of Motivation (max. 500 words)
  • Proof of English proficiency (see “Language Requirements” for further information)
  • Proof of German proficiency (see “Language Requirements” for further information)

2. Two separate letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation need to be submitted by the referee himself.

On the online application form, you will have to fill in the referee contact tabs and follow the instructions to authorize the coordination office to invite the referee to submit his/her letter of recommendation electronically, on your behalf.

Your referees will need to fill in an evaluation form as well as a recommendation letter.

Please be aware that your application can only be processed after we have received both letters of recommendation. Therefore, please make sure that your referees have enough time to submit recommendations by the deadline (12:00 (noon) CET on February 22nd).

Please note only applicants who have submitted the online application form along with all required documents will be considered for admission!