Experimental Neuro-cognitive Psychology

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Interoceptive Inference

The idea of predictive coding, namely that perception ilabpic2s the combination of sensory feedback and prior predictions of sensory outcomes, has only recently been applied to interoception. However, recent theoretical models applied predictive coding to agency and interoceptive states. We are currently engaged in empirically testing the model assumptions to determine whether it provides an accurate account of the construction of internal awareness.

Sense of Agency and Cognitive Control


Sense of agency is the feeling of being in control of one's actions. It is a subtle feeling that we do not consciously think about very often. However, it might be hugely important for engaging with the world in a self-determined way. For example, in psychological disorders such as schizophrenia people are not always able to tell if their actions are self-controlled. We are investigating what factors might determine our sense of agency, and how it can be assessed objectively.

Be part of research

We are recruiting volunteers to participate in research. Most of our experiments involve the measurement of human behaviour (e.g., reaction times, detection thresholds) and brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG). Some may involve peripheral-physiological recordings such as the measurement of cardiac activity. All our experiments take place under the guidelines of the local ethics committee, and all participants are always free to withdraw from a study at any time. To get news about ongoing experiments please drop us a line at: artyom.zinchenko@psy.lmu.de