Experimental Neuro-cognitive Psychology

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Body Social Cognition an Action Lab


At LMU Munich's research unit Experimental Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, we run the Body Social Cognition and Action Lab. Our research focuses on relationships between human sensation, cognition and action both within the individual and in social contexts. In particular, we aim to address questions about the neuro-cognitive basis of an embodied self-representation, sometimes called a "bodily self" arising from sensory and motor signals that accompany nearly every bodily activity. Our main interpretation of the bodily self is in terms of a sense of agency (the experience of acting voluntarily and being in control of its consequences) and a sense of ownership (the sense of onself as subject of experience). Moreover, we assume that a bodily self-representation is especially driven by interactions with other people who surround us, as for example governed by a mirror mechanism. Methodologically, we use techniques from both experimental psychology (e.g., reaction times, detection thresholds) and neurophysiology such as EEG, fMRI and TMS.