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Mallory J Klaunig

Mallory J Klaunig



Further Information

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Highest degree:

  • BA Psychology
  • BA Philosophy



  • Bolbecker AR, Kent JS, Klaunig MJ, Forsyth JK, Westfall DR, Howell JM, O’Donnell BF, Hetrick WP. Impaired Cerebellar-dependent Associative Learning in First-degree Relatives of Individuals with Schizophrenia. Submitted to Biological Psychiatry, Nov 2012.
  • Bolbecker AR, Hong SL, Kent JS, Forsyth JK, Klaunig MJ, Lazar E, O’Donnell BF, Hetrick WP. (2011) Paced Finger-Tapping Abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder Indicate Timing Dysfunction. Bipolar Disord. 13(1): 99-110.
  • Bolbecker, A.R., Hong, L., Kent, J.S., Klaunig, M.J., O'Donnell, B.F., & Hetrick, W.P. (2011). Postural Control in Bipolar Disorder: Increased sway area and decreased dynamical complexity. PloS ONE, 6(5): e19824.
  • Bolbecker, AR, Steinmetz, AB, Mehta, CS, Forsyth, JK, Klaunig, MJ, Lazar, EK, Steinmetz, JE, O’Donnell, BF, Hetrick, WP. (2011) Exploration of Cerebellar-Dependent Associative Learning in Schizophrenia: Effects of varying and shifting interstimulus interval on eyeblink conditioning performance. Behav Neurosci., 125(5): 687-698.
  • Forsyth JK, Bolbecker AR, Mehta CS, Klaunig MJ, Steinmetz JE, O'Donnell BF, Hetrick WP. (2012) Cerebellar-Dependent Eyeblink Conditioning Deficits in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders. Schizophr Bull. 38(4): 751-759.
  • Kent JS, Hong SL, Bolbecker AR, Klaunig MJ, Forsyth JK, O’Donnell BF, Hetrick WP. (2012) Motor Deficits in Schizophrenia Quantified by Nonlinear Analysis of Postural Sway. PloS ONE. 7(8): e41808.
  • Rass O, Forsyth JK, Krishnan GP, Hetrick WP, Klaunig MJ, Breier A, O’Donnell BF, Brenner CA. (2012). Auditory Steady State Response in the Schizophrenia, First-degree Relatives, and Schizotypal Personality Disorder. Schizophr Res. 136(1-3): 143-149.

Scientific interests and goals:
Neurobiological underpinnings of psychopathology, particularly psychosis