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Efsun Annac

Efsun Annac


Istanbul, Turkey

Further Information


2005-2010 Dogus University, Istanbul-Turkey

Highest degree


Major subjects


Lab Experience

2008-Bogazici University, Psychobiology Laboratory

Research Experience

2011- The role of visuo-spatial working memory resources on contextual cueing performance

2011- Relations between working memory, gender, perceptual grouping, and long-term memory in visual search

2010- Understanding and Acceptance of Evolutionary Theory among Turkish University Students

Publication: Annac, E., & Bahcekapili, H.G.(2012). Understanding and Acceptance of Evolutionary Theory Among Turkish University Students, Dogus University Journal,13(1).

2009- Gender differences in mental rotation tasks

2008- Levels of processing: intentional and incidental learning


Scientific interests and goals

  • Spatial Cognition
  • Gender differences in cognitive tasks
  • Memory systems
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology