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Research Project Guidelines

Each research project, to be undertaken over a 7+1 week period during the semester break, should consist of supervised experimental and/or computational work on a current research issue, documented by a project report in the format of a scientific publication. Students should work full-time on their project during the first seven weeks. The eighth week should be reserved for the supervised preparation of the written report. The research project will conclude with a written evaluation of students’ performance (an evaluation form with instructions will be made available for this purpose and should be returned to the NCP office no later than two weeks after the start of the lecture period). Students will receive 10 credit points for their project work/scientific report. Exceptionally, up to two students can participate in the same project (the work load should be designed accordingly). Supervisors may wish to retain their project students for a second research or a Master Thesis project. However, even if the collaboration continues beyond the research project, supervisors should ensure that students can complete their project work (including the report) within the eight-week period allotted, leaving students free to concentrate on the courses during the next semester.