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Master Thesis Guidelines

Due to formal reasons the first supervisor must be a professor or PD (i.e., "Privatdozent") and must come from the NCP teaching network (i.e., he or she gave courses in NCP).

According to the Examination Guidelines the Master Thesis project is strongly recommended to start no later than March 31st in order to enable the student to finish the Master Thesis within the mandatory period of 6 months till September 30th (end of semester). Extensions can be granted in exceptional cases by the Examination Office after an official application but mind that you’d have to register and pay tuition fees for the fifth NCP semester if you submit the Master Thesis later than September 30th!

In view of early registration deadlines for PhD programs, we recommend to start the Master Thesis project earlier, as indicated in the PDF-version of the Master Thesis Registration Form (end of February until end of August).

A Master Thesis registration form (see RESOURCES, Downloads) must be signed by the student and both supervisors, and submitted to the NCP office at the latest by February 15th.

The Master Thesis project should consist of supervised experimental and/or computational work on a current research issue, documented by a Thesis in the format of a journal article (approximately 10.000-15.000 words). The Master Thesis project will conclude with a written evaluation of the students' performance.

An evaluation form with instructions will be made available for this purpose and should be forwarded to the Examination Office office no later than four weeks after the Master Thesis submission deadline, which is supposed to be October 31st, at the latest.


3 hard copies of the Master Thesis report have to be submitted to the Examination Office (`Prüfungsamt') till the submission deadline, indicated on the individual registration form. Two copies will be sent to the supervisors for evaluation. Furthermore, an electronic version of the Master Thesis has to be submitted to the NCP office for archival storage (

Students will receive 30 credit points for their Master Thesis report.