Neuro-Cognitive Psychology

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Grading Information

Grade   Grade Equivalent   Explanation of Performance Level
1.0 (A) = Very Good = Distinguished Performance
2.0 (B) = Good = Above Average Performance
3.0 (C) = Satisfactory = Average Performance
4.0 (D) = Adequate = Passing Performance
5.0 (E) = Insufficient = Failing Performance

Grading Policy

Performances in individual courses, as well as the thesis, may be differentiated by values of 0.3. The grades 4.3, 4.7 and 5.3 are not assigned.

Should a student miss an exam due to illness, s/he must inform the instructor per email and/or telephone on the day of the exam of his/her illness and provide the instructor with a doctor's attest as soon as possible afterward.