Allgemeine und Experimentelle Psychologie
Chair of General and Experimental Psychology (Allgemeine und Experimentelle Psychologie, AEP) was originally held by Karl Stumpf, and later by Theodor Lipps, Oswald Külpe, and Wolfgng Prinz, amongst others. Since 2000, it has been held by Hermann Josef Müller. The teaching and research unit associated with the chair has seen a marked growth over the last few years, in terms of staff, research funding and research output. [more]
Special Issue: Visual search and selective attention
The study of visual search is often closely tied to theories of the functional role and underlying mechanisms of vision and selective visual attention. This special issue hosted in JOV contains papers describing contemporary research on visual search, emphasizing its links to vision and attention. This special issue consists in part of papers based on presentations delivered at a symposium on "Visual Search and Selective Attention," organized by Hermann J. Müller and Thomas Geyer, held near Munich, Germany in July 2012 (VSSA, www.mvss.org). [more]
Research Colloquium
Research Seminars in Experimental and Neuro-cognitive Psychology take place every Wednesday 18:00-19:30 at Leopoldstr. 13, Room 3232. [more]
Lab Lunch
The lab lunch is a traditional lunch seminar of the Chair of Experimental Psychology. During the lab lunch, internal or external speakers will give a talk on their own research. It takes place each Wednesday at 12 c.t. in Room 3232, Leopoldstr. 13. [more]
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